I post her name phonetically because until the movies came out I called her Her-me-own.

Hundreds of books call our apartment their habitat. Picture books, story books, children’s books, mystery books, bio books, art books all frolicking among book shelves or heaped next to my bed. I can (and will) thank my mother for my love of books, our weekly library run and nightly go-to-sleep chapter when I was young spawned a joyous life long wonderance with the written word.

Like I said in my Chipmunk post, we as a family used to go tent camping every summer at Lewey Lake, and it was there where I hoped I would be safe from the would-be-spoilers of the world bent on ruining the ending to the much anticipated 7th Rowling book. Another personal tid bit: I’m notoriously cheap. I convinced myself that even at the risk of total and epic bummery should someone scream “muwhahaha the ending to the series is…!” across the duck filled lake, I would be saving money by waiting for the cheaper softcover version.

Enter my awesome, generous, and eternally sweet Mom (whom I thought WAS Mary Poppins growing up- but that’s another story). Tucked lovingly under the dust jacket of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the note my mom penned before slipping the final installment of the wizarding trio’s adventures under my sleeping bag pillow. Needless to say, I hoovered the entirety of the 784ish pages in that vacation and it’s ending was gloriously unsullied thanks to Madre Poppins.

My brother-in-law loved the Harry Potter series too. In fact, I saw a bunch of the movies with him in theaters and we’ve been getting each other the films for Christmas for years now. It was his birthday on February 1st, and for his Joyous Day of Womb Retreat present he asked for a cartoon of Hermione, cause like most dudes and dudettes he thinks she’s dreamy. So here’s where it all started.

It’s all well and good I suppose, but I’ve been itching to try my hand at some more realistic digital paintings, my first attempt being Rogue from the White Hair is Cool post. Got some great advice from someone on deviantart about changing up some brush and flow settings in photoshop and off I went. Here’s the breakdown as I saved along the process: refining, adjusting, rotating, correcting, and ah -finishing.

You can see the details kind of peter off at the bottom of the work in progress piece. Patience -as ever- is not my strong point, and it was about day three when the all mighty crop tool reigned in my crazy. I’m pleased as ecto cooler about the finished piece and I’m excited to do more digital paintings.  Got a lot of things cooking on the front, back, and oh-gawd-it’s-on-fire burners so make like naked carrots, floggers…and stay peeled.

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