a swath of somniferous species

a swath of somniferous species

Say that five times fast.

One of my best friends from grade-school-on-up is going to pop in April. That seems rather intense, but when you think of a joyful screaming goo of offspring retreating from a lady’s nethers- “pop” suddenly sounds like the fun thing you do with bubble wrap. Just walking into Babies R Us for her registry, I got an overwhelming surge of respect and awe for mothers everywhere. There are aisles dedicated to not only the fluffy softer-than-dandelion-poofs animals and blankets, but things like triple paste diaper rash ointment,¬†nasal syringe bulbs, and a personal horror: lotion for “sore and cracking nipples”.¬† Can you sense the subtleties of my shell-shockedness towards Babydom? One thing I can do though – snazz out that baby’s habitat with love and artistry.

The adorable couple is going to be surprised by the gender of the baby when it sneaks out in a matter of weeks, so they picked a jungle theme to be universally enthralling be it snails and puppy tails, or sugar and spice. I started my series with quick sketches and thumbnails of the usual suspects when it comes to jungle animals, but I wanted these pieces to inspire…calm, sleep, quiet, restfulness – dare I say it – tranquility. So, I took my wildlife from normal blinks to forty winks.

I cranked out the whole series in strong grayscale – all black, whites and greys, and pondered over the lack of spectrum. I volleyed back and forth, debating coloring the whole thing- maybe just the animals, maybe just the backgrounds, maybe only one accent color…maybe I’m running out of time. And I was. Champion procrastinator here, at your service, ready to do your bidding at the last possible second when, frankly, I do my best work. Truth.

So here they be
the Menagerie
which will grace the vertical bits
of the room where the baby sits.

All artwork (c) becsketch.

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