barrel of a gunn

barrel of a gunn

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That little innocuous rectangle of image up above is – believe it or not- the hardest thing about doing these blogs. That little sliver of space is the hook – it has to pull you in and seduce you into reading my Two Cents. So this week I wrangled a pair of baby blues to throw you the come-hither and together we’re going to make it work.

As you know in the creative mindset, one day you’re in…and the next day…you’re OUT. Not to toot my own horn or anything, (beep beep mini-loha) but for the past couple weeks, I’ve felt very “in” the Creative Circle of Cleverness. I’ve been working on portraits of other artists for Bucks Life Magazine (hey, shameless plug how you doing?), so right after finishing, I felt like one of those super bouncy balls you get in little plastic eggs from one of those spin knob vending machines, bouncing in eleventy oodle directions of what-should-I-do-now-huh-huh-huh?

So, I took a couple days off. Started reading The Help (that book is like a cool glass of sweet tea on a hot porch) and catching up on my DVR. Amen, Project Runway. Mmhmm. I’ve been watching that series since it started many moon and sun revolutions ago, marveling at the creative demands and how these designers can reach around behind themselves and materialize gloriousness like Link snatching out his inventory.

Here lives my Please Can It Exist So I Can Wear It This Spring design. Always wanted a long skirt with pockets, they’re so achingly romantic and swishy, and I live in ribbed tanks in the warm weather. The fashion sketch “look” is on purpose. It’s what I thought sketches of fashion should look like, anyways, it’s kind of how Issac Mizrahi’s ended up looking like on HSN when he was scribbling out elegant do-doodle-ers.

Suddenly, a sharp dressed man sashays over and I’m under the barrel of a Gunn. Tim Gunn. Were he at my station peeping at my design, he would look over the top of his glasses and with authority and compassion, raise his eyebrow and say, “Carry on.”

I concede. This is where I humbly leave it to the professionals. Pinocchio. I mean Mondo – Mondo Guerra. I want to make paper dolls of this man and put him in my pocket. He’s just so darn cute in his little bow ties and shorts. Not to mention his amazing array of hatwear and coiffures.

Mondo is my favorite designer in this season of “All-Stars”, which if you ask me (and you don’t really have a choice), is a mish of actual talent and ratings spikers- Mondo being the former, and a nameless few relegated to the later. Gentleman Guerra is a fearless pattern masher and color genius and I expect he’ll be the last man standing (in knee socks) on the runway.

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