a bird of brads

a bird of brads

After all, tomorrow is another day. And most importantly, that means another day for cereal!

If I had to be stranded on an island with only a volleyball for companionship and had to decide the one and only food available for consumption for the rest of my days – I conclusively pick cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios in their many delectable incarnations (there’s like, twelve hobozillion flavors now), Golden Grahams, Cocoa Krispies, and frankly how could you take Life for granted? I consume them all with Lea Michele…I mean glee. Bowl for breakfast, bowl after dinner, sometimes one for dessert- cereal is an Anytime Food. And I’d eat it anytime. I told you this truth to lead you to the gloriousness of the next: PIXAR has a cereal BAR.

Not only is PIXAR the holy grail of jobdom for me, but floggers, within their studios they have A. Cereal. Bar. They’ve built the place for me without even knowing it. I grew up with Disney, but I aspire to PIXAR. Full of heart, humor, and better storytelling than a landslide of the live action messes, PIXAR created so many visually compelling and emotionally arresting films (Up ruined me for days, I think I left that movie a strange combination of elation and dehydration). My top picks come from none other than this guy:

For those of you that don’t speak Pun-ese, I’ll give you a hint. Brad Bird. I saw Bird’s first (? and I call myself a ‘fan’ ) animated film Iron Giant babysitting a kid genius. I jest not when I say at age seven, I’m pretty sure this be-speckled child, was smarter than I was. And he had good taste – he requested a great movie with super character design, storytelling, adventure, wit… Prodigy fell asleep on the couch, but he had a stomach bug, that’s excusable. I loved it (the film, not his Pepto-propulsion). And then something even MORE super exploded from the Bird man.

The Incredibles is a nearly flawless piece of film making (and I say “nearly” just to appease the extremists). I’m sure most of you know The Brad was the voice of Edna Mode – only one of the best characters to cross the pixels. A vertically challenged and outspoken like-minded minion of awesome, I totally related to the pint sized wonder fueled by drag-voice Bird. I channel Edna as my spiritual familiar when I’m stuck on a project, or over analyzing something, or letting my anxietyfilledoverreactionstakehold and give myself a mental newspaper whack- a subtle E. reminder to pull myself together. Seriously, it’s one of the go-to funny things I access when I don’t want to cry. That, and the sound two trumpeting siamese elephants joined at the trunk make.

Ratatouille was Bird’s second PIXAR masterpiece. There was a commercial once that showed a sweeping vista of Paris, and I thought – wow, that’s so cool, it looks just like Ratatouille! I’m broken and backwards that way. I’ll see the real life thing that an animated movie was using as inspiration and I’ll attribute its brilliance to the studio – did you know that real meerkats look just like Timon?! The mind circle of the weight and purpose of a rat who is controlling a human with his own weight and purpose, both of whom are being controlled by an animator…makes my brain hurt. Yet each functions with intention and hilarity and stupendous skill. It leaves me inspired and a little dazed. Ratatouille single handedly changed my mind about rats, and how clever, cause I’m pretty sure that was a theme of the movie.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was truly a surprise. First -surprise- Tom Cruise looks older and barrel bodied, but still scales buildings better than Spiderman. Secondly- hey, it’s that guy from Hurt Locker, and thirdly- the newest Mission Impossible is hilarious. Sure, it had grunt worthy action and oh-good-gracious suspense, but I was elated to be laughing so frequently. Brad Bird strikes again! He made summer blockbuster action in the Incredibles, showed he could sway the world to the way of cooking rodents with Ratatouille – and revitalizing a famous franchise? That wasn’t an impossible mission (cymbal shot) for The Bird. If I ever make it to the coast of West and the land of PIXAR (plus Cereal!) – I shall scrape myself up off the pavement after being completely overwhelmed to be in my creative Mecca – then seek to shake hands with the storytelling sensei legend- the Bird of Brads.

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