a collection of catnap critters

a collection of catnap critters

An expansion of my swath of somniferous species, these sleepy forest critters were a series of illustrations I made for my cousin and his wife who are expecting their first baby (of the princess variety) in just a smidgering of time!


A little sigh

and a shiver of bristles,

The hedgehog’s snore

is a snuffle and whistle.





Caught a branch to catch a few z’s,

a twitching nose and a rippling wheeze.

A floofity tail in syncopated rhythm curls

the tuckered thweee pbllllt

is the snore of the squirrel.




Zonked from a romp

but a wit that is quicker,

the fox’s snore

is a pant and a snicker.





Feathers plumped, she’s developed a lean

deflating down from an exhausting preen.

An unladylike noise and fluttering jowls

a rattling chngk hoooooot

is the snore of the owl.



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