a dark sole

a dark sole

Hi…:: waves shyly:: My name is Becca…and I…I…haveashoeproblem.

As far as problems go, I know I’ve hit a fairly benign sploosh of the spectrum- least I don’t have narcissistic and filicidal tendencies, beluga sevruga aquaquistator grandeur, cooly calculated manipulativenesssss, vengeance fueled fire rages, materialistic furxations, or crocophobia.

As you may have guessed, or seen, or deduced through mind reading (you sly brain peeper), I couldn’t stop making shoes inspired by Disney characters. I ran the gamut of the official Princess line up and even cobbled out my take on Alice, but the finger drumming potential of the darkest, most sinister, most love-to-hate creations of Disney history proved to be quite a satisfying project.

Starting at your left is one dangerous pump inspired by the Evil Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Seriously, one careless leg cross and those mirror shards could slap chop your epidermis. Following the guess-who’s-evil palette of red, black and purple I used a luxurious velvet to pipe the foot opening tapering it to a widows peak at the toe to reflect the silhouette of the Queen’s headpiece. The gold from her crown translated to a sinfully sexy stiletto and platform. Test a friendly modern day magic mirror (one of those awesome little bench/mirror combos at the department stores that let you see just the slimmest part of your legs and the footwear Potentials) by posing off in these arch snappers and you won’t even have to ask who’s feet are the fairest.

I consider myself very close to Ursula. She sits on my scanner. The Sea Witch watches me work, type, and sketch, and witnesses the timeouts when I get antsy at the end of the day and start chair spinning and singing to regain focus.  She actually perches on her tenticle tips like Thing from the Addams Family, it’s a glorious thing. I took her Ariel Aria Accessory and made it into a pattern for the body of the shoe and then I got tricky with the straps. In your mind I want you to ask yourself how many legs Ursula has – she’s an octopus right? Apparently not. She’s a hextopus, which – clever Disney – seems more appropriate to her cauldron background anyway. So this shoepertation has six straps and amethyst “sucker” gems to represent her tentacles.

Out of all the Villain inspired shoes – wait. Let’s discuss something before I continue. Jafar is a dude. Noted. This isn’t a shoe FOR Jafar, it’s a shoe INSPIRED by Jafar. If you’d like to continue to think that the reason the evil vizier is so looming is from some hidden slinky wedges under his cloaks and his angst is motivated by his pinched man toes under a bejeweled strap – you’re more than welcome, but I was thinking more if Jafar moved a modern day chick to make a dream slice of foot apparel. I started with a typical shaped wedge paired to his iconic dome bauble but something just wasn’t…nefariously captivating enough. The heel got a sensual bend which I think lends to the exotic flair and I peeled back some glitter slither and we now have a shoe with phenomenal cosmic powers – minus the itty bitty living space.

Maleficent is the Mistress of all Evil – she’s one majestic glamazon with a zero to fiery temperament. I had my first bouts of “What are you crazy?! Don’t go in there!” Admiral Akbar it’s-a-trap moment watching “Sleeping Beauty” – the prince expecting to meet Briar Rose only to be hog tied by demon hogs and pounced by malicious minions, and when that fireplace turns into a dark passageway and Aurora creepily floats toward doom?! It was terrifyingly compelling – just like Maleficent. Taking the visual style of Sleeping Beauty into account, I designed her shoe with angular lines and sophisticated elegance and then let a little of the dragon fire spill out. These shoes are not for the faint of height – you’ll be your own towering inferno complete with a little ember glow of dragon scales.

Cruella De Vil is a ferocious fashionista. I’m not going to go slay innocent Pollock pooches, but I can understand her prowess for look-at-me items. Her shoe had to embody her over the top panache, and frankly out of my designs, I’m partial to this one – it just oozes confidence and simmers with a touch of the immoral. The shoe started much more simple – just the black and white straps with the red instep accent- but she inspired the need for a little frivolous excess so I added the teal pipping…closer, but still not enough. Using my tablet I scribbled in some make shift polka dots to hint at her proclivity for puppy patterns and liked the looseness of it so much, I kept them. Her infamous associable begged to make an appearance, so her straps were lined with a black fur – faux if you like, we don’t want red paint thrown at our feet.

This spin-off series started with the Captain. Above all else, Hook needed to reflect good form, so I started with a stately aristocratic platform with a flocked velvet feather motif- a nod to his plumed hat. I cinched the shoe with a sort of belt by wrapping the toe box with a leather strap layered with a band of croc that ticked his last tock. Two hooks fasten the festoonment and add a little shine and danger to an otherwise proper pump. You could catwalk the plank in these strutters.

Conveniently and coincidentally, Threadless launched a new challenge to design a shirt based on the Disney Villains. Right away I thought of taking my collection of shoes and translating them into a design to adorn some tees, but it just didn’t look…swell. I decided to take a step away from the footwear and sketched out a play on Painting the Roses Red to represent the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. I called it “Better off Red,” and made a tatto-ish white rose dripping with some fresh crimson tint, gathering into the shape of a heart. I thought about what kind of shirt I would personally want to wear with something from a Disney Villain on it, and decided that a design that was more subtle would be appropriate for someone that is probably too old to use a Little Mermaid beach towel (guilty) but wanted to rock some Disney support. There are some fabulous and clever pieces entered and you can peruse and hopefully slap a “5” on mine here. Heaps of thanks, and stay tuned for more becsketchery!!



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  1. Angel
    March 11, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Gorgeous! I’d buy them all, as I too, have a shoe problem.

    • March 11, 2013 at 9:52 am

      A fellow sole sister! ;) Thanks!!

  2. Aunt Kay
    April 24, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    Just on your site and once again enjoying your creations. I love to read your blogs…I want more! I am at my friend’s house showing her your entertaining site so that she can come back and visit sometime soon. Here name is Betsy and your both have similar senses of humor and writing styles. Love you! Aunt Kay

    • April 24, 2013 at 6:54 pm

      Yay! :) Freelance has been filling my time like a double stuffed oreo, but I’m way overdue for a new blog! Thanks for visiting ;) <3

  3. Trisha
    May 17, 2013 at 5:15 am

    Oh my goodness!!!! I am salivating over all of your delicious foot-candy! If any of your wonderful designs ever come to fruition, especially the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” one, please notify me as I will promptly skip my mortgage payments to purchase each and every one of them. You truly are talented :)

    • May 17, 2013 at 6:05 pm

      What a lovely thing to say, I’m tickled teal you like them so well :) The Evil Queen from Snow White’s inspired shoe is one of my favorite designs, thank you so much!!

  4. It All Started With Walt
    June 8, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    Hello, I have posted your work on my Instagram @itallstartedwithwalt and I was wondering if these will ever be for purchase as to I am getting lots of inquiries. Thank you.

    • June 10, 2013 at 5:46 pm

      Salutations! Thank you for sharing my work, I appreciate it! I can make prints of my designs, but there are currently no tangible shoes available – should that change, the news will be up on my site! Thanks again :D

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