twice upon a time

twice upon a time

If I were to make like a mirror and reflect upon my last year, I might title it “The Transmogrification of Becsketch”. True, I still sit at my computer desk all day- the delightful middle to the chair and cat oreo- but I’m actually doing less hunting and gathering for work, and more splashing and treading in the whole churn of it all. I’ve been Hulk-ing out on Creative Quandaries and starting to feel like a real, live, legit Freelancer.

I think there’s a reason fairy tales start with “ONCE upon a time” – often, they’re so epic and oohwee! as a stand alone singular instance it’d be nearly too hard to believe that they’d ever unfold that way again. So, when the journey of last year’s “Once Upon A Time” illustrationpolooza wrapped up and my sincere but certainly not expected reciprocation of “hope we work together again!” correspondence zipped cross country, I bemusedly put a bow on that wonderful experience and put it on my mental shelf (and resumé – duh) to admire like you would a snapshot of a righteous event gone by: wasn’t that neat?

Well, I’m sure you can sympathize with my unabashed gawrshness when, plundering through my professional procurements back in April, my email blinked once again to life with greetings from the West coast. Barely squashing the Sally Field’s you-really-like-me!’s out of my reply, I -as collectedly as possible- accepted the twiceuponapportunity.

My illustrations can be gandered in the season two blu-ray of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” special feature “Fractured Family Tree”. See, right at about the 29 second mark…is the first title card – you can languish here longer if you don’t get the pause just right:


Admittedly, I’m not caught up on the show yet, but there are heaps of characters from fairy tale lore and there are literally so many of them with sordid backgrounds and complex connections that it became its own verbal and visual family tree explanation on the special features (thanks for the job, complicated character histories!). The feature spills forth the goodies on whom was frittering with whom and which lady or lad was begot from which timeline (yup. timelines). Like I said, not caught up, but I fear a fair SPOILER ALERT might apply to about thirty seconds in to about 6:40 when the visually arresting – but more benignly spoilerless(?) – becsketchery comes back in. If you don’t want to chance the oh-well-wish-I-hadn’t-had-that-ruined’s stick with me:


This tree is complete with a tri-trunk main spread displaying genealogical debauchery and paths cris-crossed till they make you want to jump jump, and I’ll even toss in some mysterious blue forest surround. I didn’t include the portraits and names of the characters displayed in the feature (check em out in the video) cause you, dear blog follower (yes, that makes you a flogger, how sweet), get the peek behind!

The last illustration I did was a close up of the “Neal” family branch – that’s the one hanging out off the right of the Harry main trunk (                  <— mature absence of joke). As big projects are want to do, the paths change directions a smidge. This last illustration didn’t make it into the feature, but rest easy because now I have a nugget of gold; the scrap of the cutting room floor, the deleted scene if you will!  Behold – the Unseen, the Untapped… The Exclusive!


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  1. Hubs
    October 18, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Wow this is genius! You should write for a magazine, someone hire this girl STAT!

  2. October 19, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Fi–nuh–ly! Another blog post!
    Massively intricate & lovely tree, I love how they used it in the video. When they zoomed in on it near the end, it looked like they shifted the layers a bit, to give more & less depth – right? Very neat. Great job, Becca!

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