fly my pretty, fly

fly my pretty, fly

If I had to guess how many times I put on my plastic sparkly my-first-heels ruby slippers and watched “The Wizard of Oz,” I’d estimate somewhere in the 200 mark from the age of 4 to 8.

I think there was a time when I’d watch Dorothy get the single best pair of footwear and take on the scariest cackle in movie history probably twice a week. Now it’s more like once every other year when my mom and I can’t stand it anymore and we both curl up on the couch and reclaim our childhoods, singing along and reminiscing about how I watched my 50th anniversary vhs so many times that the film inside the cassette heaved a sigh and split from exhaustion (true story).

So, as the baker’s dozens of you that read my blog know, I’ve been bubbled up in holiday art for scores of hours at least. Figuring in a few weeks it would be completely inescapable on tv and the grocery store muzak, I took a break from the cheer and snow frijolity and moved on to something I created for the boss of Becksetch Productions (that’s me folks).

I’m looking into starting an online store (stay tuned!) of items and tangibles with my art on them and I wanted something selfishly designed and catered to me to test the waters. Since my blood has ruby sparkled platelets, a Wizard of Oz inspired piece seemed completely appropriate if not grossly overdue! Since I plan on putting the design on a grocery tote bag, I thought it should HINT at the WoO (Wizard of Oz), but not reveal entirely to the public masses that the owner of this stylishly whimsical-yet-chic bag is a woman obsessed with shoes and the possibility of travel by bubble…

This piece came from a trove of musings slithering around in my idea bank. The flying monkeys from the WoO didn’t so much scare me as fascinate me, they were about “me” sized (even still, vertically challenged at 26) and they yoinked gravity into a stronghold and flicked it in its proverbial eye and FLEW, why not me?! In my mind, they also retired to flying monkey nests when they punched out of another hard day of snatching heroines and putting in overtime dismembering scarecrows. Come to think of it, their nests were probably made of a brain seeker’s pilfered innards…that’s kind of creepy. But, there our avian ape sits, surrounded by some bold flora with special anti-insomnia properties, after all, how could you sleep after a day of do-bad-ery like that?

Poppies. Poppies will make them sleep.


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