an all hallows booking

an all hallows booking

Prank or Prize! See how I thought outside the proverbial sweets box for your festive salute?

Ah Halloween. Sugar comas, pant soiling scares, and a little innocent up-to-no-good-ness. Maybe it started out as a nonchalant door to door kit kat get-ery but more than likely, these bookees were involved in some other sort of adventuring that landed them “downtown”.

Let’s take a look at that guy on the left. Clearly his sunrise was ushered in with true motivation for intellectual knowledge. Or, just the brains. Don’t underestimate Senor Zombpocolypse though, he thought ahead and brought the two things he knew would outlast his appetite for Armageddon.

Our center candidate just came from a visit with his dear old doc that left him in stitches (sorry). Considering a bright flare of lightning brought this guy into fractured vitality, we can sympathize with his incandescence apprehension and chalk it up to being camera shy.

Lady on the right? Clearly she’s being framed, she’s on the side of good. After all, she saved the world. A lot.

h a p p y  h a l l o w e e n !

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