a little kiss

a little kiss

The reality of having a place to make all sorts of merchandise with my art on it has me drumming my fingers like Dr.Frankenstein and giggling with glee. Any idea that squirms into my psyche could potentially be a new Tangible! Whilst daydreaming on the couch what kind of design would suit a small charm necklace, I say to my brain, “Brain, what kind of design would suit something charmed and small?” And you know what Brain answers? Peter Pan’s kiss. Now I’m sure there was a spiderweb of unaccounted thought transitions revolving around things that are bitty before landing on this epiphany, but if I reveal all those inner workings, you’ll be either a) bored, or b) distracted with mystification instead of pertinent moving-forward-ness.

Peter Pan has always been my favorite fairy tale. Pirates, mermaids, never growing up, and hey, FLYING! When I was little, my mom made going to the library an event. We’d pack ourselves up and greedily dive into the children’s section and get the full limit of books (13 per library card – so sometimes we’d wagon them out Matilda style between my mom, myself and my sister). We based our selections on the most glorious illustrations we could find. Greg Hildebrandt illustrated a Little Unicorn book of Peter Pan and it’s easily my cherry-on-top pick of books. The binding on my own copy has long since bent to my will with vigorous reads and re-reads, and inspired my “Captain” painting over a decade later when I was in college.

I’m not ashamed to say when I was smaller I had a massive crush on Peter Pan. I would leave my window lock open, just in case a Neverland rendezvous was in the cards, and had planned the perfect pjs for flying away should the need arise. I don’t know what Wendy was thinking, but I wasn’t going to parade my undies to the sky with the limited modesty and un-practicality of a flappiting nightgown. Only stirrup pants would do. Bonus points for 80s style.

The idea of Peter giving out a kiss of an acorn that later saved the inappropriately dressed Wendy was swoonworthy. His laissez faire approach to romance was at the same time endearing, irresistible, and so brilliantly male. Well, with the power of my Tangibles churning store, I’ve finally made a little kiss from my childhood crush. I’m not promising that this will one day save your life from an errant Toodle arrow, but it sure beats the heck out of a heart charm for originality for a Valentine’s, Birthday, or Christmas gift for that special someone…or for yourself, if you’re like me, and never want to grow up.


Mosey on over to the Tangibles link and get a kiss from me! Well, made by me, for you.

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  1. Meagan
    November 8, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Beautiful! I love the droplets.

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